Consent for processing of personal data of users of the website

By sending information through contact forms (each such form, a "Form") on the website (the "Website"), I, the owner of the personal data (the "User"), give my consent for the processing of my personal data ("Consent"). Consent is given when the corresponding Form field is marked and the button to submit the Form is clicked on any page of the Website.

The User gives the User's Consent to H Group Construction LLC, registered at apt. 30, 22 Prospect Rustaveli, Batumi (the "Operator"), which owns the Website, on the following terms:

1. Consent is given for the processing of personal data both with and without the use of automated means.

2. Consent is given for the processing of the following personal data specified by the User in a Form or conveyed to the Operator by other means of electronic communication specified on the Website:
—Full name
—Position, company
—Phone number
—Areas of interest, services, and sectors
—Email address
—Other personal details specified by the User

3. The Operator may process the User's personal data as part of:
—Responding to User queries
—Providing Website support for the User
—Entering into a civil agreement with the User

4. When processing personal data, the Operator may collect, record, systematize, accumulate, store, modify (update, revise), retrieve, use, transfer (disseminate, provide, access), anonymize, block, delete, or destroy the User's personal data.

5. The Operator must not transfer the User's personal data to nonparties, except for the Operator's legal successors upon transfer of the Website rights to them, and except for individuals instructed to process personal data by the Operator or on the Operator's behalf.

6. The User gives the User's Consent for the entire period required by the Operator to accomplish the above-listed activities or for five years, whichever is greater.

7. The User may withdraw the User's Consent by sending written notice to the Operator at apt. 30, 22 Prospect Rustaveli, Batumi, 2626.

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